Real Estate Settlement enters the Digital Age

HD Title and Escrow is a leader in real estate eClosing and eSigning transactions.

Title Insurance and
Settlement Services

HD Title and Escrow Title Insurance Company streamlines real estate transactions. We offer comprehensive title insurance protection and professional real estate settlement services.

When it comes to closing real estate transactions, we streamline the closing process for homebuyers and sellers, their real estate agents, and brokers. In addition, we work closely with individuals, mortgage lenders, commercial property professionals, homebuilders, developers, title agencies, and others involved in the closing process. Learn more about our products and services and how HD Title and Escrow can help you streamline your transaction and protect your investment.

Title Insurance and Settlement Services

Title and Settlement Services for...









Vacation Ownership

Vacation Ownership

HD Title and Escrow creates a positive, efficient, transparent escrow process for all Florida real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers.

What is Title Insurance?

What is Escrow?

What is escrow in real estate?

Everything you’d ever want to know about escrow.

Have confidence you’ve picked the best agent to sell

The number of properties sold annually compared to the average real estate agent
The percentage of listings where they’ve only represented the seller (and not the seller and buyer)
The average sold to list price ratio, indicating they don’t over or underprice compared to other agents

Protect Your Money From Wire Fraud

This video from the HD Title and Escrow highlights tips to protect your money and advice on what to do if you've been targeted by a scam.

What is mortgage
wire fraud?


Why do I
need ESCROW?


Why are there two title insurance policies?


Will you be


Economic Center

HD Title and Escrow provides economic insights and research about the real estate market and mortgage risk. Follow the economic blog for the latest information.

Affordability is better defined as the share of homes for sale that are within the renter's housebuying power.

House-buying power is nearly


as high as the median sale price of a house, signifying that indeed housing is not overvalued.


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HD Title and Escrow employees contribute their passion, time and money to support a variety of causes nationally and locally.

Caring at Work

Core Causes

Women's Advocacy
Community Development
Human Services

Our shared values establish a workplace experience that encourages exceptional service, innovation, and happy and engaged employees. We believe investing in our people will ultimately create better customer experiences and a more productive organization.

Celebrating Our Culture

Highlights of the unique culture that makes HD Title and Escrow a great place to work.

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